I'm late to this game


I'm about 23 years too late to the blogging game. This website is meant to be a repository for thoughts which i want to write down and also for the photographs I take with my camera.

I wanted to start writing things here after I realised I no longer had a use for a website which promoted me as a web developer. I needed something simple that would put the focus on the things I wanted to say.

I had three major requirements:

  • An admin panel for easy posting.
  • Somewhere to put a gallery of my photos.
  • Flexibility in terms of maintenance.

The last two proved to be a major hurdle.

As usual, I wanted to make it all myself, from scratch. I hate databases and I hate Wordpress, they're both far too complex for this basic task. However, coding the whole thing from scratch by myself proved to be too time consuming. Who wants to spend ages coding a flat-file CMS for a blog and not even getting paid for it? So I started searching for a flat file CMS. I tried several but they were all a no go. They all did pretty much the same thing but the first one lacked an admin interface for easy posting, the second one just flat out refused to work and the third one didnt let me include JavaScript on the page as part of the content. None of these had a simple image gallery function and flexible maintenance, for me, meant things like the ability to add on page JavaScript wherever I wanted it.

I eventually settled on Bludit and now, 23 years too late, I have a blog.

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January 14, 2018