A new age of stupidity.

The passing of 2017 into 2018 brought with it many things. It brought hope, aspirations, renewal and idiots.

The internet can be viewed as many things, a wonderful technology that provides boundless new opportunities to the world, a medium of communication, a series of tubes, a repository mostly filled with pictures of cats, the list could go on forever. I propose another angle: The internet is a lens into our collective psyche.

This definition suits the internet quite well. Even as it's becoming more commercialized and less free the internet continues to provide deep insight from even a cursory glance at the myriad content that is shared on it every day. It shows us a deep new division in our society. It shows us the boundless creativity of human beings. It can make us extremely happy and It can make us deeply sad. It reinforces our safe, cozy beliefs in the name of targeted advertising and if most people were asked what they use a computer for then they would almost invariably answer with some version of: 'mostly browsing the internet'.

And yet, it also seems to be the fastest way to propagate the stupidest ideas that anyone in the history of all time has ever thought of. There are so many of them that it can be hard to draw an example but 2018 is still young and there is one idea that is at least SFW and new enough to actually be worth talking about n this blog. I present to you today Raw Water.

Apparently, dying of dysentery is a new health fad. Raw water is water that has not been processed to make it fit for human consumption. It's used for construction, farming and cleaning. But now Raw Water is water that has been sourced from some random spring and then bottled and sold directly to stupid people by a company whose website is so full of absolute bullshit that it reads like a parody. Claiming that it's full of 'natural probiotics' and 'bio available minerals' the water will: "upgrade your brain's entire operating system to the best computer chips available". They also add a video of some random dude getting water from pipes and forest puddles.

Anyone who believes this needs a brain upgrade. The proponents of getting water from a random spring conveniently forget to mention the high quantities of literal shit and piss in the water and the high chance of many many diseases that you can get from drinking it. Maybe this will die out, or maybe the people who believe this nonsense will die out. Nothing of value will be lost either way.

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January 15, 2018