We arrived in Nagoya late and after a long bus ride we were greeted with the first bad AirBnB we have ever had. The apartment was filthy right down to the overflowing sanitary bin in the bathroom and the 'free wifi' that was advertised was over it's data limit and almost unusable. We went to the yakiniku restaurant across the street and after a discussion with the host over AirBnB message we came to the conclusion that they would send a cleaner in the next day while we were out. We went back to the apartment and washed the sheets after taking out the laundry that was already in the machine and went to sleep.

The next day we rented the worst car ever made and set out to look at the traditional Gassho houses in Shirakawa-go.

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Along the way we found out that every Japanese person exceeds the extremely low speed limits and that the car was intent on telling me all kinds of garbage such as: "There is a right turn lane ahead, drive carefully." when I have no intention of turning right or "You have been driving for two hours, take a break." when I know perfectly well that I've been driving this piece of grabage for two hours. We return the car and, after an odd spaghetti dinner, head back to the AirBnB which, thankfully, had been cleaned.

The main reason we went to Nagoya was to hang out with my friend Taka. I met him in Hillston, NSW whaile doing farmwork and Nagoya is his hometown.

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He is a total legend and his Dad has a mechanic's shop and a cool garage with awesome cars and motorbikes inside. We stayed over at Taka's house for a night and the next day we went to the Toyota Automobile Museum where we checked out their amazing collection of vintage cars.

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Later on we went back to the AirBnB and Taka joined us for our last night in Nagoya. The next day we went to Nagano.

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March 2, 2018